TELE402 - Schedule

S2 2012




Please note that all assignments are due at 4pm, Friday of the week.

Week beginning Lecture topics Lab topics Reading
9 Jul Lecture 1 Comer chapters [4th Ed. 11] [5th Ed. 10]: Protocol Layering
16 Jul Lecture 2 Lab 1: Protocol Design and Buffered I/O Comer chapters [4th Ed. 12,13] [5th Ed. 11,12] covering User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Reliable Stream Transport Service (TCP)
23 Jul Lecture 3 Lab 2: Core Sockets API Functions Comer chapters [4th Ed: 21,22] [5th Ed: 20,21] dealing with the Client-Server Model Of Interaction and The Socket Interface
30 Jul Lecture 4 Lab 3: Concurrent Servers using fork
Programming assignment 1 due (8%)
Comer chapters [4th Ed. 3,4] [5th Ed. 3,4] covering Internetworking Concept And Architectural Model and Classful Internet Addresses
6 Aug Lecture 5 Lab 4: Concurrent servers with select Comer chapters [4th Ed. 14,15] [5th Ed. 13,14] covering Routing: Cores, Peers and Algorithms and Routing: Exterior Gateway Protocols and Autonomous Systems (BGP)
13 Aug Lecture 6 Lab 5: Socket Options & Performance Comer chapters [4th Ed. 7,9] [5th Ed. 6,8] covering Internet Protocol: Connectionless Datagram Delivery and Internet Protocol: Error and Control Messages (ICMP)
20 Aug Lecture 7 Lab 6: DNS & IPv6
Programming assignment 2 due (5%)
Comer chapters [4th Ed. 9,10] [5th Ed. 8,9] covering Internet Protocol: Error And Control Messages (ICMP) and Classless And Subnet Address Extensions (CIDR)
27 Aug Mid-semester break
3 Sep Lecture 8 Lab 7: Daemon and syslog
Programming assignment 3 due (3%)
Comer chapters [4th Ed. 24] [5th Ed. 23] The Domain Name System(DNS)
10 Sep Lecture 9 Catchup lab Comer chapters [4th Ed. 17,33] [5th Ed. 16,31] covering Internet Multicasting and A Next Generation IP (IPv6)
17 Sep Lecture 10 Report (Assignment 4) due (7%) Comer chapters [4th Ed. 20,23] [5th Ed. 19,22] covering Private Network Interconnection (NAT, VPN) and Bootstrap and Autoconfiguration
24 Sep Lecture 11 Comer chapters [4th Ed. 19,20] [5th Ed. 18,19] covering Mobile IP and Private Network Interconnection (NAT, VPN)
1 Oct Lecture 12 Comer chapters [4th Ed. 26,29] [5th Ed. 25,28] covering Applications: File Transfer And Access (FTP, TFTP, NFS) and Applications: Voice And Video Over IP (RTP)
8 Oct Lecture 13 Project (Assignment 5) due (10%)