TELE402 - Assessments

S2 2012



In TELE402, 50% of the total marks are derived from assignments, and the external examination carries the remaining 50%.

To pass TELE402, all students must:

The internal assessment of TELE402 are as follows:

Lab Questions (17% total)

All labs must be marked by:
5pm, Wednesday 12th September

Programming Assignments (16% total)

During the labs, you will complete the Outboard server/client project, which is divided into three milestones:

Report on the Outboard project (Assignment 4) (7%)

Due by 4pm, Friday 21 September

Write a report (maximum two pages) describing the rationale and mechanism of how the asynchronous version of the Outboard server update the clients on changes of state in the Outboard database.

The discussion of the update mechanism should include, but not limited to:

Project (Assignment 5) (10%)

Due by 4pm, Friday 5 October

In this project, we will provide you 9 papers from which you need to pick one based on your interest to work on this project. You are asked to write a report that includes the following three components:

  1. [10%] A brief summary of the work done in the chosen paper. For example, what problem does this paper studies? What solution was proposed? What results are given in the paper, i.e., analytical results, simulation/implementation results, etc.?
  2. [30%] A section that analyses the proposed solution in the chosen paper. For example, what are the merits and drawbacks of the proposed solution?
  3. [60%] A section that describes your own ideas to solve the studied problem. You solution can be totally different from the solution in the paper, or you can design your solution based on the solution proposed in the paper by overcoming the drawbacks you have identified. You are only required to describe the general idea of your solution and compare with the solution proposed in the paper. There is no need to give the detailed design.

The body of the report (excluding references) should be no less than 1500 words. It is preferable that each of you pick a different paper to work on, but not compulsory. However, it is required that you must work on your project independently. If you choose to work on the same paper and produce a report with many similarities, you may get a very low mark. Be careful of plagiarism.

Papers for this project can be downloaded here.