Pre-lab Material

Table of Contents

1. Logging On to the Mac
2. Reading Documentation
3. Mighty Mouse
4. Taking Screenshots on Mac OS X
5. Basic Unix Skills
6. Changing Your Password


If you do nothing else in this lab, make sure you can at least log on and familiarise yourself with the course website.

To prevent having to teach a large swath of introductory material in the first couple of weeks of the course, I have elected to create this pre-lab. Students should do this (or at least ensure they are comfortable with the skills) before they come to their first lab, and make sure they are up to speed on the basics, such as Unix command-line basics. As many of the students in this course are Computer Science majors, many will already have the requisite knowledge covered in this lab. But please take the time to ensure you know what is covered here.

1. Logging On to the Mac

Your login for the Macs (including your home folder) are administered by the Computer Science department. If you need to have your password reset, you must go through them.

Once you have completed logging in, start up Safari (or another web browser if you prefer,) and navigate to the course homepage. I suggest you drag the site icon in the URL bar to the dock or desktop to make a shortcut to it. Here you will find news, lab errata, and other class resources.


If you need to pick up any lecture or lab handouts, these can be found in the pickup boxes in the foyer of Computer Science in Owheo.