2. Prepare Client1

Before we start the practical work for this lab, we’ll pause and first check that everything is as we expect it:–

Now we’re going to make it easy for ourselves to undo all the changes that we shall be making in Client1 today. To do this, we shall be using a feature of VirtualBox called “snapshots”, which is not related to screenshots, but simply provides a way to “roll-back” your changes inside a virtual machine to a particular point in time: ie, the beginning of this lab.

Snapshots are useful, but they come at a significant cost for us in terms of performance, so we won’t make much use of them. There are a number of ways to take a snapshot, and they can also be taken while a virtual machine is running. Since our virtual machine is not running, in the main VirtualBox window, click on the “TELE301-client1” virtual machine, then click on the Snapshots tab. Click on the Take Snapshot button, which has a little icon of a camera. Give the snapshot a suitable name, such as “Prior to Interface Management Lab”. Figure 6, “VirtualBox after Snapshot at Beginning of Lab” shows the interface after taking the snapshot.

Figure 6. VirtualBox after Snapshot at Beginning of Lab

VirtualBox after Snapshot at Beginning of Lab

The VirtualBox interface after having taken a snapshot recording the state of the machine before making the changes for this lab. Note that I have hidden a number of other machines that you will not have.

Inside VirtualBox’s main window, click on the “TELE301-client1” machine and then click on Settings. Click on the Network icon. On Adaptor 1, set Attached to: to be Internal Network with a Name of “TELE301 Internal Network 1” (make sure to type the name correctly which is case sensitive). Do not click OK yet. Click on the Advanced label to show the advanced settings. Record the Ethernet hardware address (“MAC”) by taking a screenshot. You’ll want to refer to it later.

In Adaptor 2, tick the box to Enable Network Adaptor. Just as you did with Adaptor 1, attach it to the internal network “TELE301 Internal Network 2”. Take another screenshot showing the Ethernet hardware address of this interface as well. Click OK when complete. You have now completed the “hardware” changes for Client1.

Start Client1 and proceed to the next section.